Pole dancing in heels

Are you new to pole dancing in heels? Well, here is my journey with heels:

Beginner heels - 6 inch - I never bought 6in pole dance heels because I already wore heels in my daily life.

Intermediate heels - 8 inches - I started with 8 inches and discovered

Advanced heels - 9 inches and up - After three months of wearing 8inch heels, I was able to go to 9 and 10.

I started small and worked my way up to 10inches. Safety always first!

The most comfortable heel height for me to dance in is 8 inch pole dance heels.

Tips to getting better with heels:

• I practiced walking around the pole in heels before every dance session

• Held on to the pole for stableness before walking without it

• Doing diamonds in heels on the floor


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