Hair flips, tosses, head turns

One thing that really helps bring a dance together is my head moving along with the moves. It's easy to forget how important what I do with my head but that's something I missed when performing last time. So every time I dance now, I try to lead my moves with my head.

1. Be sure to warm up your neck and shoulders before doing hair whips and tosses. I have a sensitive neck and can pull it if I don't properly warm up.

2. Head rolls are great. Even if you don't have hair (or really short hair) to fip, it's important to move your head alone with the rest of your body.

3. Horizontal/Vertical figure 8: This is a bit hard to do but move your head side to side, making a figure 8 (either from the back or front).

4. Go slow in the beginning and don't get dizzy!

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