First Time Pole Dancing at a pole dance studio

Here are some tips if you are going to a pole dance studio for the FIRST TIME!

These are some and not limited to tips:

  1. Do NOT wear lotions prior to your pole dance class. No sunscreen, no moisturizer. Do not put anything on your skin. Your skin needs to be dry in order to stick to the pole.

  2. Wear shorts or bikini bottoms. Your skin needs to stick to the pole. Wearing leggings will not work if you plan to do any aerial conditioning.

  3. Be careful with the spray bottles. Spray bottles contain alcohol. Spray bottles are only for the pole!! Don't get it on your skin.

  4. Don't bring your street heels. Usually pole dance studios don't allow street heels in the studio.

  5. Ask for a tour of the studio and the rules

  6. Have fun!

I know the first time going to a pole dance studio can be intimidating. Bring leggings and a top for warm up which usually doesn't involve the pole. Having layers is nice in case it's cold in the studio. Don't be afraid to ask questions!


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