Birds of Paradise Pole Dance

Not sure where to start here...

Ok! Let's start from the beginning...

I fell in love with BOP the moment I saw it. I mean...look at it. On spin, it's gorgeous.

For a little over a year I've been training for this hard trick. What can I say...It's dam hard.

Imagine your'e being twisted around the pole tightly...Kinda like a cork on a screw. Yeah..that doesn't feel like paradise.

What does BOP require?

• Shoulder flexibility

• Hamstring flexibility, splits

• Endurance

• Inside, outside leg hangs

I took a break from learning BOP in February this year because I wanted to focus on other tricks.

Now, about 7 months later...I'm ready for the torture again. This week I did 2 sessions of training and I'm back to where I was 7 months ago. I'm so close to getting this trick!

The last thing to do here is remove my top leg from the pole.

To be continued...❤️

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